Writerscorps: This Place Called Poetry

Location: San Francisco Arts Commission Gallery
Team: Liz Ogbu, Matthew Toon, Deanna Van Buren, Adrienne Aquino
Status: Completed 2009

Writerscorps is a nonprofit working with underserved youth to teach and enhance their skills in poetry and spoken word. The intention was to celebrate Writercorps 15th anniversary by finding a way to combine poetry and place as well as display a documentary created by artist and CEO of EF4FC, Katherine Gin, about the students of Writerscorps. Upon watching the film we conceptualized the place of poetry as an internal one so our exhibit sought to celebrate this fact but bringing visitors into the psychological “space” of writing. This is done through the creation of a series of environments that relax and inspire the visitor to create their own poetry.

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