Women’s Resource Bus

Client: Five Keys Schools and Programs
Team: Zoe Parsigian, Julia Grinkrug, Jess Pauly, Deanna Van Buren
Status: Design Complete 2016

Women are often released from incarceration in the middle of the night and have no safe place to go. They spend the night on the street, find shelter that may not be safe, or get bombarded with drug dealers and pimps before they even get a chance to start figuring out their life after jail. Designing Justice + Designing Spaces (DJDS) is collaborating with The Women’s County Jail to develop a workable design prototype that will provide safety for women the night they are released from incarceration. The city of San Francisco has donated MUNI buses to help us create a mobile women’s shelter that can park in front of the jails at the times women are released, creating an accessible space for them to take a shower, talk to a social worker, get a good night’s sleep, and understand their resources moving forward. DJDS is facilitating a three-day workshop at County Jail #2 in San Francisco to work with a group of 30 women and begin developing a design. The workshop will use a number of different techniques to explore what spaces of refuge and safety look like to the women who will be using the shelter, ultimately generating designs together that will represent our first steps toward creating the design prototype.

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