Pop-Up Village

Client: The People
Team: Kyle Rawlins, Deanna Van Buren, Brandi Mack, Oretola Thomas, David Wright & Nathan Kandus (Envelope Engineers), Chris David Bahara, Sabrina Fair
Status: Ongoing
Website: popupvillage.org

The Pop-Up Village is a site activation project that harnesses the power of design to catalyze the magic that emerges when people and programs come together in public space. Its mission is to use mobile architecture to turn blighted and/or vacant urban outdoor spaces into beautiful, dynamic, and regenerative community hubs that help under-resourced communities of color get access to the resources they need to thrive. It does so by bringing together a constellation of dynamic programming — health and wellness, youth and family, retail, food, and education resources — in customized buses, vans, pop-up shops, furniture, and other types of mobile architecture and nature. Place matters, and its power has been taken from those who stand to gain the most from its thoughtful creation.

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